Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Candice Swanepoel ( lingerie shoot 2006 ) HQ


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Erica said...

Hey Jessica! I decided to check out your link from Skinny VS Curvy.
Candice looks better blonde, imo. The brown just doesn't make her stand out much. I still find her hips a bit freakish and she is really posing hard in some of those pics to accentuate them! She looks much better when she's not trying so hard - like in the third pic. She's got a great figure, but sometimes the hips just look too wide in comparison to her tiny waist - it makes her look too skinny.
Nice blog, btw!

Jessica A said...

Heyy :)
i agree, she is definitely more noticeable blonde.
She can look too skinny sometimes thanks to her tiny waist, however i think she has an amazing body. I mean if you go to Victoria's secret official website, you will notice that she takes over it :) I am definitely a fan of her!
And thank you!!!! Hope you'll visit again :)

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