Friday, February 18, 2011

TOP 4 dance work out dvds out there!

I mentioned in my last article ( that to get that extra hour of exercise into your week you should use some dance dvd work outs. Here is the list of those I have tried and like. Some you can find on the internet, which is good :)

1. Pussycat dolls workout
Robin will teach you couple of routines to songs such as Buttons ;) and Nicole from Pussycat dolls will dance with you a couple of times! :) I know this because i actually got this dvd at home!)

2.Step up work out 
( Only for people who have experience with dancing. I danced professionaly for a couple of years and found this quite hard! but the routines are will love them if you are Step up movies fan!) preview:

3. Carmen Electra's workouts
( she has a whole set of these. great to get some tips on how to dance for your bofriend)

4. LearnClubDance ( im not sure if you can find the whole routine online)


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