Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Who looks better?

Emanuela & Candice put on sexy red dresses from Victoria's Secret. Who looks better? And which dress would you pick if you could buy one :)?
Emanuela De Paula          vs         Candice Swanepoel



Vane_ssa said...

Emanuela is definitely looking betta....but that can be coz she is wearing mroe formal dresses compared with Candice...
Id buy the secnd dress Emanuela is wearing!

Jessica A said...

I actually couldn't decide who I prefer in these shots. However I think I am leaning more towards Emanuela on this one too Vane_ssa, because if you look at the photos closely, her face is absolutely stunning. Candice does have a body shape like noone else though. Love em both :)

Anonymous said...

here emanuela...but candice is more beautiful than emanuela

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