Friday, April 1, 2011

Is Candy too skinny?

Since the Victoria's Secret 2011 SWIM Collection Launch in Hollywood on March 30, there has been a huge discussion about Candice Swanepoel's weight and apparently the Victoria's Secret company is not happy about the fact that she is not filling out their clothes properly. What is your take on this? 
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People on the web have been referring to the skinnier Candice as a "skeleton", "freaky" and saying hurtful things like "go eat a cheeseburger". 

A New York City based state licendef dietician and nutritionist said this to the issue: "I would say she has to go up to 125 pounds, she looks about 108 to 110 right now, and she's 5-foot-9 and a half," says diet expert Rochelle Sirota.

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"We know that TV and film puts on weight, the minimum looks like she would need to gain 15 pounds. If she were 5-foot-4 it would be less. Her body fat looks really low. Just a few months ago, she looked sturdier. I would say if someone is extremely stressed it is possible to get that skinny, with time changes and rushing around — if you have a fast metabolism and that's what she's claiming."
Let me just end this by saying, whether Candice is under 120 pounds or not, curves are a good thing. 

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Julie said...

I dont think she looks as thin as they make her out to be.....But She does look better curvier for sure..Nice blog Jessica~!

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