Friday, May 27, 2011

Emily DiDonato (El Museo's Gala NY, May 26, 2011) HQ

 She looks soo much healthier (and happier) than she did two years ago! Go Emily! :)


Sophie said...

I just found your blog and am happy to become a regular reader!

Jessica A said...

Aw thanks Sophie :)

Anonymous said...

How come she's put on weight? Not sayin there's anything wrong with that obviously. Is she retiring from modelling?

Jessica A said...

From what I've heard she's just on a break.

Anonymous said...

Great post =)!

I don't think the dress is flattering her figure but the colour really pops on her. She is just absolutely beautiful and flawlessly glowing!

I believe Emily being on break is great thing (still working part time) and I prefer her looking like this compared to the one she had going into fashion week. She'll probably be forced to go back to her fashion week look once it starts up again =(.

That said, she was at the gala honouring Mario Testing. Every model attending had worked with him so I'm guessing she will be too!

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