Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ana Beatriz Barros @ Sao Paulo Fashion Week

The Sao Paulo Fashion Week full of new trends kicks off this week, and the Brazilian supermodel, Ana Beatriz Barros, herself shows us what's hot.
 The simple glittery top, sexy heels, small purse and straight hair just works. I have had this image on my mind for the whole week and I am excited to wear something similar for my birthday :).
More HQ photos after Ana's  Animale S/S 2012 Fashion Show after the jump.


Anonymous said...

heey!! so cool that you have here candid pictures,too. :) Check out this site: it's also great =)


Anonymous said...

i got a question: Do you have in Australia Victorias Secret Shop or can you buy it online?? In Europe theres NO shop at all :(( , but my brother was in miami last two weeks aaaand..i sent him a list LOL and i spent a lot of money on VS stuff :))

Jessica A said...

Hi :) i know that site and it is an awesome site for sure!

No there are no VS stores in Australia :( I know it sucks...however Victoria's Secret is now expanding even more in America and there are rumours that new stores will be open in Europe soon. Lets hope :)


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