Thursday, June 2, 2011

Petra Nemcova's msg :"My heart is breaking"

Petra talks about her experience with Tsunami in this heart breaking interview. (see after the jump)
For those who do not know, Petra was seriously injured and lost her then fiance, in a tsunami that occurred in Thailand in 2004.
Despite all she has lost, she is trying to stay positive, and is actively involved in helping others. 

Happy Hearts Fund, is one of the foundations that is dedicated to improving children's lives in natural disaster areas and Petra actively supports this foundation. (she's helped build over 50 schools)
I've gotta say I am so proud that Petra comes from my country (Czech Republic) and that despite how much pain she has been through since 2004, she's trying to keep her smile on and help others. Please pass this msg along & check out the Happy Hearts Fund website to find out how you can help with the current Japan situation.

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Another video from the abcnews that explains more! click here


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