Monday, June 6, 2011

Rosie goes wild and Erin plays it safe at the TV's 2011 Guys Choice

Rosie Huntington wears a super daring white dress, and tops it off with red lipstick, for the Spike TV's 5th Annual 2011 Guys Choice Awards in Culver City on June 4, 2011.
Notice how amazing her eyes look!
What are your thoughts on this outfit and her new hair?

Erin Heatherton, on the other hand, puts on the ultimate red dress and looks her usual cute-self. 
Both models are looking great and wearing long gold necklaces so which one looks better to you?

More HQ pic after the jump.


Imbers said...

Rosie! nothing more to Say!

Michelle said...

i love your blog and i follow you now:)

Anonymous said...

Erin is my favorite model right now but she needs to switch up her red carpet look some I think. She still looks beautiful.

Rosie's dress doesn't fit well enough I don't think.

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