Friday, June 10, 2011


I have just realized that this blog now has over 1, 000, 000 views and I want to thank you guyz! 
I also want to give BIG thanks to the people who actually take the time to comment on some of my posts, and I promise I'm going to try and write more :).
AND thank you to the lovely people who are my followers! <3 <3 <3
I am going to add  Lais Riberio (photo below) to this blog in a couple of days and if you want me to add another model (or write about something) just let me know below this post!!!!

Lots of love Jessica 


Anonymous said...

congrats!! your blog is soo cool!! I check it several times a day =) . Go on like this!!! Greetings!! :)

Anonymous said...

mhh.. i just did the poll and the left side... and its soooo funny that Gisele Bundchen always gets almost no points- isn't she the highest paid "best" model out there!!?? Why do ppl dont vote for her? I want it to know

Anonymous said...

I like your blog. And the new model is beautiful. I just wish there were less photoshopped photos and more candids. For the rest keep it up, girl. Wish you luck!

Anonymous said...

Ha! True about Gisele. But I don't get why Candice always wins either. Yeah, she's pretty and all but there are sooo many other gorgeous girls. For example, I think Emanuela's smile is the sexiest. I wish ppl weren'r so biased. Other girls need credit too.

Anonymous said...

Nooo, you rock XD...
im not a follower but u are a boomark.
I can say, ist an awesome blog.
Keep going

Jessica A said...

Haha thanks for the compliments and Ill try to include more candids ;)

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