Sunday, October 30, 2011

Russel James calls Candice "one of the best swimwear models ever"

"Candice Swanepoel has great skin for beauty. The camera loves her skin the closer it gets. Rare. But very helpful for shooting beauty."
 "And this is how a shot starts out for a cover before all the copy is added. There is a lot to think about when shooting a cover, like where the words can all fit without being all over her body or face, what color background will work well for the seasons. And between all that have to focus on getting just a great shot. I love shooting covers as its more of a challenge than meets the eye by far."

"I shot this cover on Candice Swanepoel just a few weeks ago, great to see it hit the stands so quick. Truly one of the best swimwear models ever. Actually any kind of model ever."


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