Monday, January 16, 2012


Some girls email me ( asking me how to look like Miranda Kerr or Candice Swanepoel...and I hate when girls say they don't feel like they are beautiful or thin enough.
You can like a model's haircut and want to cut it in the same way or you can get inspired by their toned bodies to also get yourself one of those..but NEVER feel like you are not beautiful just because you don't have what they do.

I used to get bullied for looking like a boy when I was younger but as soon as my curves arrived and my hair grew longer guys started noticing me, but that wasn't enough for me...I hated that my hair never looked perfect and that my forehead was wayyy too big for my face..but eventually I got over the fact that some of my features are not exactly the most flattering and got a fringe :P. Problem fixed.

Point I am making is that you can use these model's pictures as a motivation to work out or for ideas on how to dress and do your hair but don't compare yourself to them! EVER!
Trust me, you will be much happier which means you will attract happy and good people into your life and will be able to achieve more in life. It's simple yet hard at the same time but from experience I know its possible.

If anyone is having a tough time with their foreheads (I am an expert on those ;)) or anything else they don't like about their bodies just email me and I'll be happy to talk to you about it and hopefully help.

xxo Jess

PS: You probably wouldn't even notice a model strutting down the street if she didnt get her hair and make up done that day! So do not worry if your hair isn't as sexy as Adriana's just embrace the features you do have and don't give a crap about what anyone else thinks.


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