Friday, February 17, 2012

Tips for growing out your hair!

Anyone trying to grow out their hair?

Irina has definitely made a lot of progress with her hair over the last 8 months.
Her hair is not only longer but also shiner and less dry.

Keep reading to find out what you need to do to grow out your hair as fast as possible!!

I have been trying to grow out my hair for a while now so I have come across many tips and tricks that I have tried and can vouch for that they WILL help.

Note: At the most, hair can grow up to 1/2-inch per month, so you need to be patient.  

TIP #1:
Trimming your hair is essential! The bottom line is...the healthier your hair is the less you will need to trim it and the faster it will grow. I used to trim my hair every 1.5 months because of how dry my ends were and since using the following tips I only have to cut it every 3months which is ideal. So cut your dead ends off and then start taking care of your hair like never before is what im saying :P.

TIP #2:
A healthy you means a healthy head of hair! Eat lots of protein & iron (veggies and nuts).

TIP #3:
Coconut oil is a miracle worker..just watch this video.

TIP #4:
Wash less!!! The body regulates the production of oil based on what it needs, so if you wash your hair daily, you are stripping away the natural oils before they have a chance to get to work. So if you wash your hair every day start with washing it every second day...there is this thing called 'dry shampoo' so yes you can do it.

TIP #5:
Get a satin pillow case to sleep on! It prevents breakage.


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